About Us

The Ark Centre was founded in June 2015 by myself, Sarah Day and my partner Nick Cheshire, parents of 2 children with autism, and was opened as a regulated setting for delivering effective intervention and much-needed support to other families with children with autism.

We first opened the first centre of its kind in Essex to offer Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy all under one roof.

Our team offer specialised therapy to children with autism, social communication difficulties and a range of developmental delays, aged 2-5 years, before they start school. All of us at The Ark Centre realise the importance of early year intervention for children, to provide the ‘readiness to learn’ skills required to enable them to access future learning opportunities.

So why choose The Ark Centre?

  • It’s multidisciplinary, providing ABA, SLT and OT all under one roof
  • Therapy programmes are tailored to each individual child
  • A social setting, which is important for addressing social difficulties
  • Our programmes are fun for the children, as well as effective

Our therapy sessions make a positive, meaningful difference to the lives of both the children we support, and their families. You can find out more details about the programmes we can offer on our Therapy pages.

Why not read the full story of how The Ark Centre was founded?

“Thank you so much for everything that you do! Thanks to you, we are able to go out as a family without constant meltdowns, meaning that both our daughter and son don’t have to miss out. Thanks to you, or son can now communicate when he wants something without getting upset. Thanks to you, our son isn’t petrified of change. Thanks to you, our house is a much less stressful place. Thanks to you, our son is more present and engaged. And thanks to you, our son is clean!” – Lisa and Matthew Pullen