Autistic Spectrum children's therapy Chelmsford, The Ark Centre

The Ark Centre charity offers a multidisciplinary integrated service of speech and language, occupational and behavioural therapy delivered by experienced practitioners. This promotes early intervention for families within the Essex area. Our mission is to provide high quality support and intervention for the children we work with to aid them in reaching their full potential.

Our team is highly experienced and dedicated to maximise our children's learning opportunities. Our team is energetic, fun and passionate about seeing the children grow and develop.

The service at our Centre is for children between 2-8 years of age with complex social communication needs, as well as children who have a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of autism.


Our website seeks to provide an overview of what we offer. More information is available in our prospectus which you can download from our ABOUT US page. We would also be happy to discuss your child's particular needs to see how we can help them. Please visit our CONTACT page for more information.


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